Barbados Online Stores is a new an online marketplace for shopping online in Barbados and the caribbean. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best shopping experience from Barbadian and overseas vendors, with an emphasis on efficient online shopping, wide variety and faster delivery and shipping services for consumers living in the caribbean and abroad.


 Brandvis Marketing  was founded in 2021, realizing the need of many local and regional SMES struggling to market their companies in a challenging era. We strive to offer E commerce and Digital Online Services at affordable prices to maximize profits for business owners who need it.  


 We offer Ecommerce and Digital Online Services way below market prices  while offering  free educational guides to help businesses establish their presence online. We have designed our infrastructure to only grow when our clients grow


To provide an affordable and effective means of connecting sellers
to buyers through marketing strategies powerful enough to become the new industry standard

Just like Caricom’s vision of pooling together knowledge, excellence, innovation and productivity in one Caribbean community, it is our vision to create a business society not restricted by export policies. We see the Caribbean as borderless and therefore we will endeavor to add trade and marketing to bring the region of islands together in an effort to grow business sectors