How To Sell Online To Barbadians For Free

A new project to help local entrepreneurs in Barbados and the region to sell online is inviting entrepreneurs to sign up and set up their own ecommerce store. Barbados Online Stores is an emerging online marketplace that can help caribbean entrepreneurs to transition online without any hassle. This Blog is all about the steps you will need to make to have your current business up and running on that platform.

Sign Up As A Seller On Barbados Online Stores

The first step in this process is visiting the website here’s how it will appear.

Next step is scrolling to the bottom of the website and selecting become an online vendor option as seen in this screenshot.

You can read about all the features you can get in signing up on the new platform and how easy it is to accept online payments. Next you’ll need to select a plan, in the Basic Vendor Plan you can upload up to 200 products and get advanced reports on your dashboard which carries everything you’ll need to scale your business towards success!

Simply select a plan and sign up with your business details and Voila! All you have to do next is wait until you’re approved and sign into your new selling dashboard.

Uploading Your Products To Sell

When you’re approved and have access to your dashboard you can simply start uploading your products. Make sure to check out the related articles on their site in getting started with this as your images need to make the basic requirements. Everyone gets total support during this process so you don’t have to worry.

Set Up Payments

It’s easy to set up your payment details, you simply just need to navigate to billing and under choosing a payment method select Direct Bank Transfer and fill out your information. Local sellers dont need to fill out some aspects of that form because of different banking systems, however overseas companies operating from the US and Canada must fill out all the relevant information.

After this process is completed and is saved successfully whenever you sell an item online you’ll just have to request a withdrawal when an order is completed to receive automatic transfers to your account.

Send Your Customers Your Webstore Link

After completing all your basic and advanced steps, the only thing left to do is share your new link to your past customers. Have them review past products they have purchased so your Ecommerce store ranks high in search engines, after this you’re all set!


This new marketplace makes it easier to sell online because it’s simple to get started with no upfront cost for basic sellers. They offer ongoing support and will guide you towards making your very first sale, sign up today and comment what you think and share your experience with us.